Stephen Hanson, PhD, MBA

Business Development Director

Dr. Hanson brings knowledge and experience that straddle the areas of science and business. His MBA specializing on the Management of New and Innovative Technologies (MINT) builds on his science training with a PhD in Medical Sciences – Infection and Immunity. A CIHR Science to Business (S2B) fellow, he has worked for biotech companies, Network Centres of Excellence (NCEs) and in academic technology transfer.

He was an integral part of Spiderwort’s progression through the CDL program and the seed round fundraising process and continues to support the development of strategic partnerships.

Team Members

Charles M. Cuerrier, PhD

Chief Executive Officer | Co-founder

Andrew E. Pelling, CSO

Andrew E. Pelling, PhD, FRSB

Chief Scientific Officer | Co-founder

Scott Jarvis

Scott Jarvis, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

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