Building the scaffolding of life

Spiderwort is building the framework for the future of regenerative medicine through the development of innovative plant-based biomaterials that promote the repair and regeneration of living tissues, including the spinal cord.


Spiderwort’s proprietary technology uses cellulose-based biomaterials to engineer living scaffolds for a variety of groundbreaking regenerative medicine applications. Spiderwort’s AerocellTM and HydrocellTM technology platforms provide clinicians and research teams precise control over stiffness, shape, textures, long-range architectures, to stimulate and control tissue regeneration.

Spiderwort plant based dermal filler™ and spinal cord injury medical device represent promising developments in biotechnology and the future of medicine.

Spiderwort technology


Spiderwort’s proprietary plant-based scaffolding provides a framework for significant advances in regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, and plant based dermal fillers™.



CelluBridge™ is a cellulose-based scaffold that promotes the repair and regeneration of the spinal cord.

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CelluJuve™ is a cellulose-based dermal filler that can assist with everything from injury recovery to cosmetic enhancement.

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Could we treat spinal cord injuries with asparagus? | TED

Spiderwort’s Chief Science Officer explains how we leverage cellulose-based biomaterials to develop regenerative medicine.

Video Play button - Could we treat spinal cord injuries with asparagus? | TED

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