Spiderwort collaborates with entrepreneurs and innovators in life sciences, March 2024.

Spiderwort’s co-founders, Dr. Charles M. Cuerrier and Dr. Andrew Pelling travelled to Japan for the Techcracker 2024 and Techcracker Labs events, hosted by Horizons Ventures

Celebrating its 10th anniversary and held in Hokkaido, Techcracker 2024 proved to be a melting pot of innovation, bringing together over 150 founders for a week of collaboration and idea-sharing between entrepreneurs and industry leaders. 

At Techcracker Lab, held in Tokyo, Spiderwort was one of a limited number of companies selected to be represented on stage. Dr. Pelling presented alongside Nobel Prize winner Jennifer Doudna and four other esteemed founders from the tech and life sciences field. Dr. Pelling’s session, “Building Body Parts at the 7-Eleven,” showcased our entrepreneurial journey from academia to concept to product realization as well as our boundary-pushing approach to scientific advancement in regenerative medicine.

Through the duration of Techcracker Labs, the team participated in engaging discussions with academic leaders and innovators from universities across the region. These dedicated sessions provided the platform for meaningful conversations on entrepreneurship, risk-taking, and the crucial role universities play in transforming scientific discoveries into practical, real-world applications. The insight and support from these discussions continue to validate and inspire our approach to discovery and our commitment to medical professionals and patients around the world.

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