| December 5, 2023 - Ottawa, Ontario

Introducing Spiderwort’s CelluJuve® Clinical Advisory Board

Top Aesthetic Medical Professionals Team Up with Spiderwort to Redefine Dermal Filler Innovations

Ottawa, Canada — December, 5, 2023 — Spiderwort Inc., the biotechnology company innovating in plant-based tissue engineering, today announced its Clinical Advisory Board for CelluJuve®, the firm’s proprietary dermal filler solution.

This Clinical Advisory Board is an assembly of renowned experts from the fields of plastic surgery and dermatology. The board’s specialized expertise and invaluable clinical insights are crucial as Spiderwort looks to introduce unparalleled innovation in the medical aesthetics industry.

The Clinical Advisory Board is made up of four key leaders across North America:

  • Dr. Jason Bloom: A double board-certified, distinguished facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Bloom has established teaching affiliations with the University of Pennsylvania and Temple University. As the founder of Bloom Facial Plastic Surgery in Bryn Mawr, PA, Dr. Bloom balances clinical practice with academic contributions, showcasing his surgical expertise and dedication to innovation.
  • Dr. Joely Kaufman: Based in Miami, FL, Dr. Kaufman is a leading board-certified dermatologist known for her exceptional contributions to aesthetic dermatology. She has been at the forefront of numerous innovations in the field, ensuring patients receive the best in skincare and treatment. She has also been an investigator on numerous FDA trials for the development and approval of new injectables. Dr. Kaufman directs Skin Associates of South Florida in Coral Gables and holds a clinical Associate Professorship at the University of Miami.
  • Dr. Gregory A Buford: Dr. Buford is a board-certified Plastic Surgeon, nationally recognized for his modern techniques and commitment to detail. His dedication to customized care and optimal results has positioned him as a leader in his field.  He is the founder of BEAUTY by BUFORD, Core Aesthetics Consulting, and the Core Aesthetics Training Institute, a nationally recognized organization focused on facial injectables training and practice management for medical professionals.  
  • Dr. Ava Shamban: Dr. Ava Shamban is a board-certified dermatologist practicing in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills. A member of the ASDS and AAD, Dr. Shamban also serves on the editorial board for The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology. Dr. Shamban is a renowned author, TV guest, and international speaker, involved in numerous clinical trials.

Harnessing the power of plant-derived scaffolding, Spiderwort has developed an injectable formulated to offer medical aesthetics professionals and their clients greater control, minimized adverse events, and longer-lasting results than other conventional fillers. With its distinct viscoelastic properties, CelluJuve® is designed to offer a natural feel, closely resembling the body’s native tissue environment.

CelluJuve® is differentiated from the market and looks to pioneer the future of medical aesthetics with the first cellulose-derived dermal filler. This mission is reinforced by recent recognition for its cutting-edge approach at the Octane Medical Aesthetics Forum earlier this year.

“By bringing together this elite group of medical aesthetics professionals, we are not only amplifying Spiderwort’s commitment to excellence but also ensuring CelluJuve remains at the forefront of aesthetic innovation,” commented Dr. Charles M. Cuerrier, CEO and Co-founder of Spiderwort. “We look forward to working closely with the Clinical Advisory Board as we introduce this next evolution in dermal fillers and regenerative medicine.” 

About Spiderwort
Spiderwort is transforming biotechnology with a platform of cellulose-based biomaterials that serve as the scaffolds for the regenerative medicine of the future. Spiderwort’s biomaterials have shown promise in the treatment of spinal cord injuries and soft tissue regeneration. Spun out as a startup from the Pelling Lab, Spiderwort is led by CEO Charles M. Cuerrier and inspired by the work of CSO and TED Fellow Andrew E. Pelling. Learn more at spiderwortbio.com.

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