Ottawa — February 2, 2023 —After careful consideration, Whiteboard Foods Inc., a subsidiary of Spiderwort Inc, has withdrawn from XPRIZE’s Feed The Next Billion competition, effective Jan 30, 2023. Whiteboard Foods was honoured to be amongst the top 26 semi-finalist teams selected globally to compete for the grand-prize and wishes the other semifinalists continued success.

This action was necessitated following a thorough review of the mid-competition rules and requirements changes. The company concluded that the amendments are not in the best interest of its products, business, or investors. Whiteboard Foods believes the amendments to the original competition agreement alter the dynamics of the competition and would restrict its commercialization strategy.

Whiteboard Foods are grateful to XPRIZE for bringing much-needed attention to environmentally sustainable food options and championing innovation in alternative proteins. The company looks forward to continuing to participate in the XPRIZE community as an engaged alumnus.

Whiteboard Foods will continue to focus on growth initiatives, strive for excellence, and remains open to future opportunities for partnership towards developing new and more sustainable foods.

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