Forging Global Partnerships in Regenerative Medicine

Ottawa, Canada  — October, 27, 2023 — Spiderwort Inc, the biotech company leading in regenerative medicine, will embark on a regional European tour this upcoming November with a focus on building partnerships with researchers, companies, and practitioners in the medical industry inclusive of leading spinal cord injury and aesthetics partners.

The Spiderwort team is committed to forging new relationships aligned with its mission to advance tissue regeneration biotechnology applications and shape the future of medical aesthetics. This initiative represents a significant step forward for the biotech firm as it expands its global reach, promotes new regenerative medicine frameworks, and champions its cellulose-based biomaterial platform.

The tour includes active participation at the annual BIO-Europe conference held on November 6-8 in Munich, Germany. This event serves as a nexus for the European biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry, offering opportunities for regional and global collaboration, knowledge exchange, and access to life sciences partners. BIO-Europe participants interested in meeting with Spiderwort can contact the team to book a meeting here.

Spiderwort’s European tour underscores its unwavering dedication to innovation. The company looks forward to connecting with like-minded individuals and firms who share their passion for advancing the field of medical aesthetics. Stay tuned for updates as Spiderwort’s journey unfolds across Europe, shaping the future of biotechnology one partnership at a time.

About Spiderwort
Spiderwort is transforming biotechnology with a platform of cellulose-based biomaterials that serve as the scaffolds for the regenerative medicine of the future. Spiderwort’s biomaterials have shown promise in the treatment of spinal cord injuries and soft tissue regeneration. Spun out as a startup from the Pelling Lab, Spiderwort is led by CEO Charles M. Cuerrier and inspired by the work of CSO and TED Fellow Andrew E. Pelling. Learn more at

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