Admission to Prestigious Program to Bolster Biotechnology Firm’s Global Reach in Life Sciences
Canadian Entrepreneurs in Life Science Program Members

Ottawa, Canada — November, 22, 2023 — Spiderwort Inc., the biotechnology company innovating in cellulose-based tissue engineering, today announced its acceptance to the prestigious Canadian Entrepreneur in Life Science (CELS) Valley Ready Program. 

“Joining the CELS Valley Ready Program is an exciting and significant opportunity to expand our reach and communicate our mission with the Silicon Valley biotechnology and life sciences community,” said Charles M. Cuerrier, CEO of Spiderwort Inc., “We are honoured to be selected and are looking forward to leveraging the resources, mentorship, and networks this program offers to accelerate our commitment to transforming the field of regenerative medicine for the benefit of patients and medical professionals.” 

The CELS Valley Ready program is designed to connect Canadian life science entrepreneurs with experts, partners, and investors in the influential Silicon Valley area. The program offers extensive resources including hands-on experiences and workshops covering fundraising, regulatory frameworks, and intellectual property strategies. Additionally, accepted organizations receive customized mentoring from experienced professionals, gain exclusive access to a network of influencers, investors, and corporate leaders, and have the opportunity to learn best practices for scaling global life science companies.

The acceptance into the program, which began earlier this quarter, represents a significant opportunity for Spiderwort, as it joins an elite cohort of companies receiving support and guidance for their growth and development efforts, particularly in raising capital within the United States. As one of only eight companies accepted into the program this year, Spiderwort’s inclusion is a testament to its approach to biotechnological innovation and potential for global impact for both spinal cord injury and medical aesthetic use cases.

About Spiderwort
Spiderwort is transforming biotechnology with a platform of cellulose-based biomaterials that serve as the scaffolds for the regenerative medicine of the future. Spiderwort’s biomaterials have shown promise in the treatment of spinal cord injuries and soft tissue regeneration. Spun out as a startup from the Pelling Lab, Spiderwort is led by CEO Charles M. Cuerrier and inspired by the work of CSO and TED Fellow Andrew E. Pelling. Learn more at

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